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Divers : Total League: 8 games on Saturday, 2 games on Sunday

In the women's Total League, the following games will be played:


18:00 Basket Esch - Musel Pikes
- Esch is in the role of the hunter as the team is currently 7th in the standings. Against leader Musel Pikes, big points are possible for Esch against an opponent that looks like the favorite to win the title so far this season.

18:00 Sparta - T71
Sparta has lost all agmes heavily, T71 will most likely use a big rotation against the winless team from Bertrange.

18:00 Contern - Résidence
If Contern wants to stay in the play-off-race, victories are needed. They have been playing well, but with only 1 professional player, it is hard to grab victories. Résidence enters this game as the favorite.

15:15 Etzella - Amicale
Amicale could draw tie with the opponent with a win, both teams are separated by only 1 point in the standings.

In the men's Total League, the following games are on the schedule:
18:30 Racing - Amicale
- Racing has only 2 wins so far, they need to earn victories in order to make a run at the 6th place. Both teams are tied in the standings, Amicale has its eyes on the future after signing a contract extension with coach Louvrier last week.

19:30 T71 - Résidence
- top game of the week between the leader in the standings a rising Résidence team. The guests want to beat the next title favorite after beating Etzella last week. Résidence has a chance to draw tie with Dudelange at the top of the standings.

20:00 Sparta - Telstar
- game between the two teams that play without professional players. Can Telstar use this game to grab a first victory this season? Sparta has been playing well so far and definitely earns the role of the favorite.

20:00 Contern - Arantia
- Contern could draw tie with the opponent in the standings with a win. Both teams have restarted well and this will be a very interesting game to watch with a lot of influence on the situation in the standings. Arantia could make a big step towards the play-offs with a win.

20:00 Basket Esch - Musel Pikes
- Being at the 7th place in the standings, the Pikes need wins against better teams, they face a tough challenge on the road. Esch could take a 3-point-lead over the Pikes in the standings with a win.

17:15 Etzella - Heffingen 
- Both teams have struggled over the last weeks. Etzella lost 2 straight games while having injury problems, Heffingen is currently 8th in the stanings with a losing record, they need a surprising win to stay in a good position in the play-off-race.

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Picture: Maya and Robert Straus

Date : 18 mars 2021 - Heure : 20:07:05.995535

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