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21 septembre 2021
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U16 Skills Challenge
17 mars 2021

Den 13. an 14. Mäerz huet Skills Challenge vun der FLBB stattfonnt.

Insgesamt hunn 16 Ekippen deelgeholl, 8 bei de Filles-Scolaires an 8 bei de Scolaires.

Eng Ekipp huet aus 4 Spiller/innen bestan, et waren 2 Übungen pro Duerchlaf virgesinn. Bei der éischter Übung ass et em "Dribbelen" an bei der zweeter Übung em "schéissen" gaangen.

Skills challenge ass gutt ugeholl ginn vun de Veräiner, hei d'Schlussklassementer:

1) Basket Esch
2) Musel Pikes
3) Gréngewald Hueschtert
4) Amicale Steesel
5) T71 Diddeléng
6) Sparta Bartréng
7) Résidence Walfer
8) Racing Lëtzebuerg

1) Musel Pikes
2) Basket Esch
3) Amicale Steesel
4) T71 Diddeléng
5) AS Zolwer
6) Gréngewald Hueschtert
7) Arantia Larochette
8) Racing Lëtzebuerg



Our players abroad
15 mars 2021

Some of our (national team) players were playing this weekend.

Alex Laurent and his team Klosterneuburg won 77:61 against Owerwart, Laurent scored 9 points.

Thomas Grün and the Gladiators Trier lost 72:82 against Kirchheim, Grün scored 8 points and added 5 rebounds in 28 minutes.

Oliver Vujakovic scored 11 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds in a 87.82-win against Salzburg.

Ben Kovac and his team Den Helder lost 70:94 against Zwoller. Kovac led his team in points with 17 and added 4 assists.

In the German Bundesliga, Magaly Meynadier and her team XCYDE Angels Nördlingen lost 60:68 against Marburg, Meynadier scored 3 points and added 6 rebounds.

Mandy Geniets did not play in the last game of the season for her team Saarlouis, they won 81:74 against Göttingen.

Lisa Jablonowski had a great game in Italy. Her team won 78:73 against Sassari, she scored 14 points, added 9 rebounds and 2 assists.

Julija Vujakovic and her university came up short against Arkansas (51:56), Julija (picture) had a strong with a team-high 15 points and 6 rebounds.

As reported earlier this week, Anne Simon and her university just missed the March Madness tournament in the final. She will be a guest on the podcast Coaches' Timeout this week.


Key facts and stats presented by Spuerkeess (women)
15 mars 2021

Non-professional players
Lina Fapranzi - 29
Cathrin Wolff - 18
Billie Schulte - 17
Julie Mangen, Cathy Schmit - 14
Sofie Olson, Lisy Hetting - 15
Nadine Grieb, Ana Petrova - 12
Nadine Bourg, Esmeralda Skrijelj, Marie Hetto, Eve Weber, Emily Leid, Sophie Sunnen - 11
Carole Sitz, Valentine Jung, Lynn Schreiner - 10

Professional players
Laina Snyder, Bridget Yoerger - 25
Jovana Jaksic - 22
Amanda Cahill - 21
Mikayla Ferenz - 20

Best rebounders (all players)
Bridget Yoerger - 20
Cathrin Wolff - 18
Leah Sommerfield - 17
Esmeralda Skrijelj - 14
Laina Snyder - 11
Nadine Grieb, Samantha Logic, Marie Hetto - 10

Best passers (all players)
Bridget Yoerger - 9
Samantha Logic - 7
Cathy Schmit, Jovana Jaksic - 6
Lynn Schreiner, Laina Snyder, Esmeralda Skrijelj, Amanda Cahill, Tatsiana Liktharovich - 5

Stats around the league
- Amicale won the final quarter against Contern 12:0
- Etzella beat Sparta with a 57-point-difference
- The Musel Pikes stay on top of the standings with an 8:1 record, Sparta remains without a victory (0:9)


Louvrier signs contract extension
14 mars 2021

Amicale's coach Etienne Louvrier has signed a 2-year-extension with his club Amicale Steinsel as the club announced on its home-page.


Key facts and stats presented by Spuerkeess (men)
14 mars 2021

Non-professional players

Mike Feipel – 21
Max Schmit, Nicolas Hittelet, Dylan Rocha Pires – 20
Joé Biever - 17
Sam Ney - 16
Tom Konen, Derek Wilson - 15
Frank Muller , Raul Birenbaum, Mathis Wolff , Tom Schomer – 14
Pol Goebel, Luka Buntic, Steven Mersch – 13
Philippe Gutenkauf , Joe Kalmes– 12
Noah Medeot, Jairo Delgado, Pit Biever – 11
René Wolzfeld, Xavier Robert-Francois, Max Logelin, Tom Welter - 10

Professional players

Ron Mvouika, Shahid Malik – 30
Duane Johnson - 29
Austin Burgett, Marcus Ottey - 28
Stephen Harris – 26
Jerome Frink, Henry Pwono – 23
Clancy Rugg – 22
Adam Eberhard – 21
Jimond Ivey, Terrell Vinson – 20

Best rebounders (all players)

Clancy Rugg – 18
Henry Pwono – 17
Stephen Harris – 16
Adam Eberhard - 14
Ron Mvouika, Jerome Frink, Xavier Robert-Francois, Mike Feipel – 12
Gilles Kerschen, Austin Burgett, Duane Johnson, Thomas Rutherford – 11
Denell Stephens, Tyrell Sturdivant - 10

Best passers (all players)

Max Schmit – 9
Amin ElAmrani – 8
Joé Biever, Miles Jackson-Cartwrigth, Raul Birenbaum – 7
Laquincy Rideau, Jairo Delgado, Henry Pwono, Derek Wilson – 6
Ivor Kuresevic, Stephen Harris, Tom Schomer, Jordan Giles – 5

Stats around the league

  • T71 won by 62 points against Telstar, Dudelange led 36:3 after the first quarter, a new record in the Total league for a lead after the first 10 minutes.
  • Etzella had no points from bench players and only 4 players scored points in their loss in Walferdange
  • Arantia (21) and Sparta (28) combined for a total of 49 turnovers

Total League:
14 mars 2021

In the men's Total League, Basket Esch was able to win at home against Racing, the final score was 75:65. It was a close game, Racing even had a lead in the last quarter. Clancy Rugg had another great game with 22 points and 18 rebounds, Joé Biever added 17 points. Racing only hit 33% of its shots, their situation in the standings is challenging to make a run at the play-offs.

In the women's Total League, Etzella was able to easily beat Sparta 103:46 behind a balanced team effort, 7 players scored in double digits.


Total League Men (Saturday recap)
13 mars 2021

Arantia took an early lead against Sparta but the guests showed another strong game and fought until the final buzzer. In the end, Arantia won the game 86:79 behind 29 points by Johnson, Rocha Pires added 20. Feipel had a double-double for the guests (21/12).

T71 did not leave Telstar any chance from the start and led 36:3 after the first quarter. The final score was 108:46, Harris led T71 with 26/16 while 11 players scored points for the guests.

Heffingen took a huge lead into the halftime break against the Musel Pikes (50:29), but the guests started a comeback in the second half and won the game in the end, 80:73. Ottey had a game-high 28 points. This was a big win for the Pikes in the play-off-race.

The game between Amicale and Contern was decided in the final quarter. Contern stormed back and had a furious final 10 minutes to grab a win in Steinsel, the final score was 99:89 for the guests. All 5 starters for Contern scored in double digits, Hittelet showed a strong game with 20 points.

Résidence showed on Saturday that the team is ready to get wins against the best teams in the league after beating Etzella 77:74 in a close game. Eberhard had 21 points and 14 rebounds while Konen added 15 points. Etzella still played without Delgado, Wolff and Polfer.

On Sunday, Basket Esch and Racing will meet to complete the game-day.

Picture: Maya and Robert Straus


Total League Women
13 mars 2021

On Saturday-evening, 3 games were played in the women's Total League.

Résidence stormed back after trailing by 10+ points in the first half to beat Basket Esch. Lina Fapranzi had a very strong performance, she finished with 29 points (6 3's).

Led by Esmeralda Skrijelj (11 points, 14 rebounds), Amicale was able to beat Contern 70:43. The guests from Contern did not score a single point in the final quarter.

In the top game between the Musel Pikes and Gréngewald, the home-team came out victorious, the final score was 79:63 in favor of the Pikes. Bridget Yoerger had a monster game with 25 points, 20 rebounds and 9  assists.



Tough loss in the final game for Anne Simon
13 mars 2021

Anne Simon and her university Maine were so close, but they lost the final game on Saturday-morning (European time) against Stony Brook, 60:64.

With a win, the team of our national team would have qualified for the March Madness tournament, one one of the most entertaining and important basketball tournament in the world and a big chance for players to show their talent.

In the final game, Anne Simon scored 7 points, she played 38 minutes, she also had 4 steals, 3 assists and 2 rebounds.


Kovac, Suns enter A-pool of best 6 teams after win
11 mars 2021

In this group (A-pool), they will have 10 games playing twice against each opponent.

Den Helder won 78:60 against Aris Leeuwarden, Kovac played 18 minutes, he scored 9 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists.


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